Mambo Loud Shirts - MINT CONDITION, New With Tags.
These were leftovers from MAMBO'S FACTORY OF ORIGIN.
VERY RARE! Once They're Gone, They're Gone!

~ Mambo Loud Shirts ~

MAMBO LOUD SHIRTS - October 12, 2014

The remaining Mambo Loudies are in the hands of my friend
Joe Farley. Kindly contact him to find out what shirts are left and
at what price beginning October 21.


MAMBO started in 1984 in Australia as a surf and streetwear company. Their founder, Dare Jennings thought that "any idiot can put something on a shirt and sell it". Most of Mambo's shirts were simple silk screened t-shirts, but did create a line of collored Hawaiian style shirts with tiki, surf & tattoo motifs. He and his buddies thought of M.A.M.B.O., an acronym for: Means Of Aquiring Models, Bucks and Opiets.(I'm pretty sure he achieved all his goals.)

MAMBO also created a Loud Shirt for the Australian Olympic Team which they wore and featured at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics.

Eventually, MAMBO was sold to another company that decided to do away with it's Loud Shirt line -- much to the dismay of many MAMBO Loudie fans around the world. Their 'reasoning' was that their core focus is the 16 - 24 year old surfer guys and gals and they thought that "although the Loud Shirt line has had a great run, now days it's being seen as only being worn by middle aged guys at BBQ's." (Perfect for me!)

MAMBO never brought a store to the USA but they did have some stores in the UK and a few in Europe and Asia.

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